"You won’t get by alone."

This song has meant a lot to me these past couple months. They didn’t play it tonight, but regardless I’m really glad I got to see them live.

I The Mighty

“Four Letter Words”

Heard of this band a couple years ago when they went on tour with K Sera (I childishly thought they would come up here…). Figured they sounded good but they would be a band I needed to see live. That happened on Friday at the Say Anything show; they played this song and its been pretty much stuck in my head and on constant repeat since. So good.

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Song Of The Day #6 - I the Mighty: “Cutting Room Floor” (2011 Equal Vision Records, from the upcoming EP Karma Never Sleeps)

This band is about to be huge. The vocals on this song are so smooth sounding at first, and then they just kick in with the track and kick ass. The drums are even more incredible. This song is a jam and a half, check it out. 

I the Mighty’s new EP, Karma Never Sleeps releases March 27th.

(For fans of: Anarbor, Conditions, Circa Survive)

been mildly following this band for a year or so. i think its time i step up my game.

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