So im sure you’ve been seeing our pictures of random studio time, and other related things. Our album Able Bodies recently came out, and we are preparing to leave for the first tours to support it, but we like to keep busy and I’ve had a lot of thoughts in my head that i wanted to get out in a studio.  These thoughts are bigger than previous thoughts. Thoughts about how to change myself and what i know already. About changing and evolving, but not straying too far. Thoughts that take the sound to the next level, that can be accesible to a broader audience, but still can please the audience thats been there since the beginning. Trying to think of a completely different way to think… I think.

Trying not to think/trying to think “I wonder what they will think?”

Of course, as usual i think too much.

-Joey V


the blackout/you me at six/all time low <3

"Stop looking at me like I’m gonna do this!"
"You’re the one who works out mate, I’m not. I drink the beer!"
ohhh my god, why do I love them? lol.

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